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Camping Reminds Me Of...?
Camping Reminds Me Of...?
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Camping reminds me of
Making friends,
Learning new trades,
Having an experience of a lifetime,
Picture taking,
And meeting new people

Camp Archbald is an opportunity,
With growing support,
From our community,
All Girl Scouts will continue to grow,
And the benefits we begin to show.

Maturity and generosity,
Optimism and strength...

We learn to have fun,
Rain or shine,
Play a game,
Maybe sing a song,
We all have a place at camp,
To have a place to belong,
A place to have the time of our lives....

Bring a friend or two,
There's something new,
Always cooking at Camp Archbald...
Sleeping under the stars,
Singing in the rain,
Swimming in the lake,
Cooking out,
Hiking in the woods.

Here at camp,
There's nothing we can't do,
We just need to try,
And work together as a unit,
And together we succeed...

When we part from camp,
We will have made many new friends,
And a tear comes to our eyes,
For our camping days for the summer have gone,
But a smile suddenly appears,
After all, there's next year!

For here at camp,
We'll be singin' a song till our chores are done,
And it's time to turn in,
For these are the good ole days,
Where we scrap our knees,
Make new friends,
Go on adventures and take risks,
At dear old Camp Archbald.