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Girl Scouts of America
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Where Girls Grow Strong

Here you'll learn all about Girl Scouting and Camp Archbald in Kingsley, Pennsylvania on this online version of "Camp Archbald Camp Guide (Fireside Traditions)" created by Nicole Nguyen as part of her Gold Award project.

Whats So Great About Camp Archbald?

1. Camp is a place to grow. While at camp, girls have the opportunity to learn about themselves and others. Girls will become more confident with decision-making, interpersonal communication, and outdoor skills.

2. At camp, girls get what they need most: cooperation, courage, and self-esteem. Girls are encouraged to try things and have new experiences.

3. Camp is a safe and healthy environment. Camp Archbald is equipped with a health center, shower facilities with hot water and plenty of shelters for rainy day fun. Meals are prepared in our well-equipped, modern kitchen and served family style in the spacious dinning hall.

4. Camp provides opportunities to be physically active through games and sports, swimming, boating, hiking, and horseback riding. Crafts, archery, songs, dramatics, cookouts, and sleep-outs under the stars are all exciting parts of the program.

5. Camp is a place where memories are made-memories that a girl will treasure for the rest of her life.

In the pages that follow, I have written about Camp Archbald and Girl Scouting in general. In the year to come, I hope to be able to include the camping songs that I have downloaded so that your child's camping experience will be much enhanced by this web site. The original "Camp Archbald Camp Guide (Fireside Traditions)" is at Scout House (333 Madison Avenue Scranton, PA 18411) and at Camp Archbald, so come check it out!.
Thank you,
Nicole Nguyen
Gold Award Recipient