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Girl Scouts of America
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The Adventure Trail


The Adventure Trail is a set of permanent group initiatives designed to promote and build self-confidence. It also allows staff members an opportunity to observe the dynamics of the group

The Beam:
Everyone in the group must get over the beam as quickly as possible. No one may climb the trees or use anything else for assistance except other group members. Ince over the beam, person may not walk around trees to come back to help.
Story: You and your friends have been skipping stones in a stream. It starts to rain, but since it's a warm day, you don't mind the rain. The stream becomes a swiftly moving torrent and you realize that you must get out of of the area. The only way out is over a concrete wall. You and your group must get over the wall.

Abadnon Ship:
All the members of the group must get safety from the rock to the platform. Only the first person to cross may use the pole as an aid. Should anyone touch the ground while crossing, the group must begin again.
Story: You must get your enitre group off a sinking ship (rock) to the shore (platform) without anyone falling into the shark infested sea.

Electric Fence:
The entire group must get over the fence without touching it or the trees supporting it. Should anyone touch the fence or the trees, the enitre group must begin again. Once over the fence, a person may not walk back around to help. The log on the ground nearby may be used to help if wanted.
Story: You are out in a field having a picnic. All of a sudden, a bull appears between you and the gate. You know that if the bull sees you, you're in big trouble. You slowly move to the electric fence that surrounds the field. Everyone got there without the bull noticing. You now have the task of getting over the fence without touching it. The only object lying around that may be of any help is a metal pole. The posts holding the fence are electrified. You may not run as the bull will see you and might charge.

The group must stand or sit on the larger log and balnce it for 30 seconds off the ground. If any member of the team falls or the beam hits the ground before the 30 second time limit is up, they must start again.
Story: You and your friends were walking along the edge of a cliff when the ground suddenly gave way. You find yourselves hanging on a log. You must balance yourself on the log until help comes (30 seconds).

All Aboard:
All members of the group must get up on top of the platform and remain there for at least ten seconds.
Story: Your group finds itself in quicksand. You must get everyone on one small piece of solid ground before they sink.

The Trolley:
The team must use the trolley boards to move a specified distance distance as quickly as possible. They may not touch the ground in any way. If anyone touches the ground, the entire team must move the boards back to the starting line and start over again.
Story: After hiking through the woods once winter afternoon, you and your friends realize that it is getting late and start heading back. You have come to a frozen lake and instead of walking around it (it is quite large)you decide to go across it. Knowing that distributed weight will not crack through ice as easily, you look for something to use.

Poisoned Peanut Butter Pit:
The group must get from one line to the other (about 209 feet) without touching the group between the lines. Only the rope may be used to help. The group must also take across a large log placed by the starting line. If anyone falls into the pit, the entire group must begin again.
Story: The entire group must get themselves and their supplies (log) over a stream of poisoned peanut butter. No one may be tied to the rope. The stream extemds in both directions for 10 miles.

Wild Woozey:
Two people stand on cables at the narrow end, face each other, and clasp their hands plams up. They bein to move towards the other end and see how far they can get.
Story: Two-by-two your group must cross a steep gorge where the bridge has been washed out. Only two cables are left.

Australian Swamp:
Using only the boards at the site, the group must travel from one boundary line to the other without anyone touching the ground. Only the boards may touch the ground. If anyone does touch the ground while crossing, the entire group must begin again. Members must cross all together, not individully.
Story: Your whole group must fross a swamp infested by dangerour man-eating fish using only the boards.